Who is Aarynn?

My name is Aarynn & I am the creator of Heavenscent By Aarynn. My business was first curated to combat the significant eczema that my 3 children suffered from, without having to apply steroid creams to their bodies. That is when I created my all natural & vegan baby butter body cream & we saw the best results since first dealing with our sons eczema in 2011. Since then, Heavenscent By Aarynn has grown to curate 100% natural soy candles & wax melts, as well as 100% all natural & vegan skin and body care products. We offer a variety of products for adults & children, in addition to both men & women. 


To me, self care means proudly & unapologetically putting yourself first. Whether it’s your mental, physical, spiritual, or even financial health. Self care means indulging in the things that make you at peace with yourself & owing no one an explanation for doing so. You cannot fill from an empty cup, & self care is always making sure you’re full first so you can continue to pour into others.


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